Published April 29, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko

Empire State Building NYC

So what can I say. Everyone who comes to New York whether they are right across the river in New Jersey or visiting from China, Japan, Italy, Russia, or where ever else in the world they may be from, HAVE to take a picture of this building. I have never passed the Empire State Building without seeing many flash from camera’s and people looking up in amazement. I think the coolest thing is the top changes colors. I remember one fourth of July it was Red, White, and Blue…I think it was the same color when the Giants (Football Team BTW) won the Super Bowl, but around Thanksgiving it was different shades of orange, almost like the leaves you would see on an autum day in the park. So that is kinda awesome. There is a pretty good view of it from the corner of 32nd Street by the Manhattan Mall. After taking pictures and being all amazed you can stroll down the street to Korean Square for good Food and Entertainment. EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! A must see when you visit New York City…I guess I can rate this sight see a 7 for those who aren’t amazed easily and a 10 for those who have never come to USA!


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