Love Jones

Published May 7, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko

There is nothing like a true bond between Man and Woman 🙂

Trashbaggage's Blog

See my selfish reality
Came when i respected sexuality
Thinking with my head
And my magic eye of life
My personality being
Intertwined with women
Believing and seeing
What they see
without the sight of vision
Listen…to their actions
Talk to their mind
And touch their soul with feeling
Give them an ear to talk to
A shoulder to cry on
And a chest to feel secured in
A man, A boyfriend, A husband
The bond between A man and woman.
Ironically that’s only an illusion
The key to a woman’s heart
Is manipulation….
Let me take your mind on a vacation
That doesn’t seem real but feels so real…sorta like “love” except your fond of the concept and scared to take the necessary steps.
See women are blinded by truth.
Some thing has to be fake in order to seem real instead of real being real. For example I’ll…

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