overheard in new york

Published May 7, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko

There is always something to learn in NYC 🙂


new york building
the thing about new york is that you can catch snitches and pieces of conversation, and whether in or out of context, are hilarious. i have heard a couple memorable ones, like the guy wearing lipstick, in central park saying, “any girl i would marry would have to have a certain quality …” or the little girl on the d train yelling at her dad for not teaching her the abc’s “properly”.

a great android app is ‘overheard in new york’. it streams from the website, but is nice and conveinent with an app, as you never forget to check it. it doesn’t always update daily, but has some great gems. rarely, one will be posted about a celebrity arguing in starbucks or something similar – always fun.

it’s free. download it now.

eta: i am not being paid to endorse this, though i probably should be.

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