Sex Chat with Yasuko-chan

Published May 7, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko





We all know that sex is a very important part of our adult life. We also know that men and woman respond differently to sexual stimuli. There are many features of the human anatomy that turn us on. I asked my man a few questions and the answers seem to be the same amongst men. What features turn you on and why? I have interesting features so I decided to explore the theories. What is it men crave? Eyes, Lips, Tits, and Ass! But this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes we as woman may see it as a guy being a guy; however he is telling us more about himself if we take the time to listen. I will not lie I love sex. I guess I am a lady in the street and a bad, dirty little momma in the bed. I decided to have an interview with my guy, we will call him Chen now. I asked him a few questions a long with some other people in general just to see what their answers would be. Here is what I like, what I don’t like, and some things that others seem to like. Welcome to Sex Chat with Yasuko-chan! Please feel free to send me your questions and comments. I am dying to know what runs through everyones mind when it comes to sex!

Short Interview

Yasuko-chan: You love my Lips, Eyes, and hips! But if you could choose only one what would it be?

Chen: Your eyes!

   Believe it or not the eyes tell a lot about a person especially when it comes to passion. You will know when a woman is enjoying herself because her Eye’s tell it all. You can tell a lot about a man through his eyes as well. There is nothing more erotic than the intensity in your partners eyes when they are completely turned on. Think about it! When you are engaged in sexual activities with your partner and you are face to face you can usually tell what’s up. (Unless they are really good fakers) And for the fakers! It is 2012, we do not fake anymore. If the sex is trash, it is trash, and we move on. Unless we really care about someone, then MAYBE we will try to fix the sex as we go along.

Yasuko-chan: You mentioned you enjoy some of my other features as well. You like my lips, may I ask what part of your body do you enjoy them on the most?

Chen: I enjoy your lips against mine.

Yasuko-chan: LOL seriously, lets be honest!

Chen: I love the way your lips feel when you kiss me. Don’t get me wrong I love them on my body too, but if I had to choose the number one reason. That would be it.

  Lets face it! When men think of sexy lips they usually do not think about kissing. Oral sex is something almost every man likes, and who can blame them. Especially if a woman enjoys performing this special attention for her guy. I don’t see a problem with oral sex. I say if you have a good man at home then there is nothing wrong with glossing up those puckers and wrapping them around your guy; HOWEVER if you are blowing your guy, his brother, your boss, and the UPS guy….. then your just NASTY!

We are all adults here and oral sex is part of a sexual relationship. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of doing it. But like all sexual encounters always protect yourself because that is NUMBER 1! Also you can incorporate your teeth BUT NOT to hard. Make sure you are gentle when you try this. Also see how your guy responds to this. He may like it or he may not. Try new things when you are down there but move slowly so your guy can decide if he likes it or not. You may be kinky and he may not be. Do not decide to surprise your guy with a toy in his ass and then act shocked when he blacks your eye out of instinct. Learn together, grow together, explore together, but keep each other in the loop when you do hehehe 😛

Yasuko-chan: You like my eyes, and you like my lips. Is there anything I do that makes you like them?

Chen: I love when you perform oral while looking at me. That is the icing on the cake!

AhH! Now we are getting somewhere. Anyone can perform oral sex but men enjoy it when it’s spontaneous and erotic. And if the woman is really enjoying herself that will turn him on even more. So next time you feel like being extra special to your man, do dramatic eyes and gloss up the lips and stare him down. Let him know that his penis belongs to you.

Yasuko-chan: So you like my eyes, and lips. Anything else turn you on?

Chen: I love your ass!

 Men are men and we know they LOVE a nice Ass! Woman even go as far as paying for a nice ass; however I am half colombian and brazilian and half Japanese so my ass is good and my eyes are awesome :). Woman even do special work outs for the perfect ass. Let me let you in on a little secret. Ass is Ass to guys and they like all shapes and sizes although they may not tell you this. Some may prefer smaller, or thicker but when it comes to hot, kinky sex…they can work with just about anything. So when it comes to sex why do men like a nice ass…It gives them something to hold on to. It gives them something to look at. It is a VISUAL. If he can see it and he likes it…it is a TURN ON! So next time your cleaning the house…bend over and give your guy a back shot.

One of the number 1 sexual positions is Doggy Style. This position is when your guy mounts you from behind like a dog. Yes you become his bitch in this position because it gives him power. It gives him control. (Unless you are like me and throw the ass back at him when he thrusts forward) But in most cases the woman just gets on all fours and enjoy the poundin. This is an excellent position for you guy to find your G-Spot in as well. And if you decide to entertain yourself while in this position (Touch your own clitoris) your orgasm can be so strong that it can trigger his. (FYI) And what guy doesn’t like a woman on all fours? I am a woman and I like the sight of a sexy woman on all fours. This position brings a guy back to his animalistic roots. Not to mention when your guy is on his knees he can put more power behind his thrust. It really doesn’t matter if your ass is big or small, toned or not toned….The view of this rear shot makes a man go wild and feel powerful…and to be honest, in most cases, in doggie style position.. HE IS! And lets not front ladies, WE LOVE THE FEELING TOO :p

Yasuko-chan: So what is your favorite sexual position?

Chen: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie style.

Yasuko-chan: I see you have 2 girl on top positions?

Chen: If I have to choose one then Doggie!

Yasuko-chan: Why Doggie?

Chen: Because I will be in control.

Yasuko-chan: Are you saying you wont be in control if I am on top?

Chen: Hell No! LOL

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