What is your relationship with food?

Published May 10, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko



Thats a picture of me in 2001 , I was in Bali, Indonesia

As you can see from the picture I truly enjoyed eating. That is the first thing i took control of when i decided to change my lifestyle. Like many of us food is our comfort zone. We enjoy eating it and we celebrate it.

Let me start by saying I am Filipino. Our food as a culture is truly bad for you. We use heavy sauces ,lots of salt and fatty meats. However, every nationality has the same qualities in their food. Even though its bad for you we enjoy this food because it gives us pleasure.I decided that as a treat I would eat filipino  food twice a month. This would be my gift for my hard work. This is comfort food and when i am comfortable with my body I enjoy it even more.


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