Authentic Hokkaido Ramen – Baikohken!

Published May 13, 2012 by kawaiiyasuko


Baikohken (梅光軒) was a name I have never heard of until a Japanese associate introduced it to me. At this moment, I only know of two outlets in Singapore, in Boat Quay and Takashimaya respectively. And since then, I had been to Baikohken 3 times, all at Takashimaya food court.

So, what makes it stand out from the likes of Santouka, Ippudo, and Aoba? I tried to ask my Japanese associate, but he didn’t elaborate in detail, merely strongly recommended Baikohken. To be honest, I have not tried Santouka, and only tried Ippudo & Aoba once. Ippudo has thick tonkotsu broth, typical Kyushu (Hakata, to be exact) styled Ramen with lots of innovations! I can’t comment on Santouka since I have not tried it. But Aoba? Quite simply, forget it. It’s pricey and the quality is over rated. To this, even my Japanese associate explained, their quality is mediocre from…

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