I am Yasuko. A mix breed girl, South American and Japanese, born and raised in Japan (Okinawa, Osaka, Hyogo, and Tokyo) and now living in the USA. I am here to discuss Food, Fashion, and all things that are cute! Kawaii! I will venture out in the world to explore and keep all of my friends and fellow bloggers updated on the Hot NightLife, Restaurants, Fashion, and anything cute that I come across. I have lived in many places and some things you just HAVE TO BE THERE to believe it. Friends, family, and good times will come together for all the world to see. Leave comments and let me know what you guys want so I know when to snap a good picture. No topic will ever be Taboo! Love, Life, Sex, Music, Fashion, Food, Comedy, Travel, Vacation is all up for grabs.


Konnichiwa 🙂

Genki desuka? Hajimemashite

How Are You World? Nice To Meet You


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